A Different Kind of Film Institute

RFI is a unique film studies program for storytellers, screenwriters, and filmmakers who aren’t content with the status quo. Our students create the kind of films that have never been made before—and likely wouldn’t be produced in Hollywood. We are a diverse learning community that values people over profit and narrative diversity over conformity.

If you have a brave and bold vision, and you want to share hard-to-tell stories that not only entertain but also inspire, uplift, and heal, join us. We welcome students of various ages, skill levels, and cultural backgrounds. Whether you’re a newcomer to filmmaking or a seasoned film student, RFI has something for you.

Regan M. Humphrey

Founder & Visionary

Regan Humphrey is a writer, psychologist, filmmaker, and educator. She is the inventor of the REFscore, the first and only scoring system that rates films on craft and social justice. Regan was hardly the first to notice that often, films lauded as “good movies” contributed, in substantial ways, to the systemic oppression of minority groups. Working to create a healthier and more inclusive film industry, she invented the score to highlight cinematic disparity.Combining her strengths as an interdisciplinary scholar, human psychologist, film critic, and writing professor, she founded RFI to help guide the next generation of cinematic storytellers. Better films for all is at the heart of her teaching practice. Learn more about Regan here.

Gaye G. Humphrey

Dean of Students

Gaye is a passionate arts, education, and business leader. A former professional modern dancer, she knows first hand the power of the arts to impact individuals and communities for good. Her experiences includes work with Axam Dance Theatre Experience, Garth Fagan Dance, City of Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Georgia Department of Education, Georgia Council for the Arts, National Black Arts Festival, and the National Endowment for the Arts. She holds a B.A. from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, an M.B.A. from Emory University’s Goizeuta Business School, and is currently pursuing doctoral studies in multi-cultural education and social justice leadership at Antioch University. Her involvement in and commitment to the arts span more than 35 years.

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