Learn at RFI

RFI is a completely-online international screenwriting conservatory. We serve students all over the world, regardless of experience, background, and geographical location. We think film is for everyone and should reflect everyone. Likewise, we believe a robust screenwriting education should be accessible to anyone willing to learn the craft. 

In order to accommodate our global learning community, courses at RFI are built to be versatile. We want to provide a learning experience that fits the unique voice of every storyteller who comes our way. 

To give students maximum flexibility in choosing the kind and pace of education that makes the most sense for them, instruction at RFI is divided into two tiers: On Demand and Monthly Membership.

2 Pathways to Screenwriting Success

Choose the PATH that’s right for you.

RFI Monthly Membership

For beginning and intermediate screenwriters looking to delve deeper into the discipline of screenwriting, we offer our entire course catalog through RFI Membership. All lessons are pre-recorded and dispensed weekly for a monthly fee of €24.

When you sign up for RFI Membership, you’ll be given access to the following courses sequentially, one lesson per week, beginning with Film Format: The Movie Blueprint (RFI 100). For descriptions of all our courses, check out our Course Catalog.

  1. Film Format: The Movie Blueprint
  2. Film Structure
  3. Time Travel 101
  4. Introduction to Story
  5. World Building Workshop
  6. The Art of Anime
  7. Character Workshop
  8. Regan’s Wormhole: The Art of Writing a Good Love Arc
  9. Conflict Workshop
  10. Adaptions I
  11. Story Organization
  12. Book Writing for Screenwriters
  13. Business Writing
  14. Writing Registers
  15. Film Consciousness
  16. Sex for Screenwriters
  17. Feature Workshop
  18. Period Pieces
  19. Television Workshop
  20. Adaptions II
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On Demand

For seasoned screenwriters and industry professionals looking to strengthen existing skills, pick up new skills quickly, or jumpstart their writing, we also offer RFI courses on demand. All lessons are pre-recorded and become accessible at the beginning of each semester.

On Demand courses offer instruction only. There is no live teacher-student interaction or community engagement with on demand courses. Coursework delivered on demand is for motivated, independent learners who want to get the most out of a screenwriting education on their own time, at their own pace. 

Please note, not all classes offered at RFI are offered on demand. Please see the list below for available on demand classes and pricing:

Courses Offered On DemandNumber of Lessons Per CoursePrice
Book Writing for Screenwriters4 Lessons€220
Business Writing for Filmmakers16 Lessons€880
Character Workshop16 Lessons€880
Conflict Workshop16 Lessons€880
Film Format: The Movie Blueprint8 Lessons€440
Film Structure8 Lessons€440
Introduction to Story Organization16 Lessons€880
Sex for Screenwriters 4 Lessons€220
Time Travel 1014 Lessons€220
World Building Workshop16 Lessons€880
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