Be daring. Be bold.

Tell the stories that inspire, uplift, and change lives.

At the Regan Film Institute (RFI), we’re not content with the status quo. And our students aren’t either.

The film industry is dominated by a small percentage of people who make the vast majority of films. They produce movies with the same tired themes, plot lines, and characters — because that’s what sells.

RFI is a unique film studies program that’s driven by a different set of values. We believe in people
over profit, and narrative diversity over conformity. We encourage and empower our students to put stories on the screen that may be hard to tell, but accurately represent the world around them and the people in it.

We help remove the obstacles you face and provide a better learning and filmmaking experience. Here’s how.

We offer an international curriculum.
Traditional film schools teach about films that are significant to audiences and filmmakers in the West, which we believe is too narrow. We incorporate and learn from films around the globe that expand our students’ thinking and creativity, which conventional film schools might not incorporate. We have a one-of-a-kind film curriculum that is not offered anywhere else.

We value diversity.
Our students are storytellers, screenwriters, and filmmakers who love TV and film, but do not see themselves or their lived experiences represented on screen. Women, people of color, LGBTQIA+, differently abled students, neurodiverse persons, and students of a wide range of ages are welcome to apply to RFI. What we do reject: racism, sexism, homophobia, misogyny, and the colonialist “hero’s journey” story structure.

We teach in a psychologically informed way.
RFI classes and workshops are delivered by Regan Humphrey, writer, writing coach, psychologist and filmmaker, who has a diversity, equity and inclusion background, and extensive experience developing creative works in various media. As our student, you’ll learn how to “write people” rather than “writing characters” — infusing your stories with best practices and real-life concepts that you won’t get in most film schools.

Also, our teaching is cognizant of the trauma that students may have experienced in their lives. RFI doesn’t offer therapy, but we recognize that writing is quite personal. Our students’ words, histories, and experiences will be taken seriously and held with care. We believe art is reparative and restorative and it helps us heal.

We provide a culturally responsive curriculum.
In whatever cultural background your story is rooted, we welcome your perspective. At RFI, we work to avoid cultural missteps or misunderstandings. And we help you write stories that are important to you, accurately reflect the world we live in, and are inclusive. Social justice and restorative justice permeate everything we do.

We help you learn from the ground up, the right way.
Many students graduate from film school without understanding what it takes to succeed as a professional filmmaker. From writing query letters, film proposals, and treatments to pitching your story idea to potential producers, you’ll need key skills that RFI helps you develop. And you’ll understand the filmmaking process, from start to finish, without the gaps many film students are left with.

Joining RFI is simple and straightforward.
Most film schools have limited enrollment, expensive price tags, and long wait lists. We believe filmmaking should be open to more people from diverse backgrounds. That’s why we don’t require educational prerequisites or prior filmmaking experience (not even a high school diploma). Whether you are younger or older, new to filmmaking or a seasoned film student, you are welcome to take any of our courses on your own time, at your own pace.