Are classes taught in languages besides English?
Not yet. All classes are currently taught in English. We hope to add translation services in the future.

How does the RFI Monthly Membership work?
Once every week from the day you sign up, you’ll receive access to a new lesson from our RFI course catalog. Helping emergent storytellers develop a strong foundation of screenwriter knowledge is important to us, so we’ve carefully curated the sequence in which each of our classes is taught. The course schedule for our membership is listed on our programs page.

You’ll receive courses this way until you’ve completed every course in our catalogue!

With the RFI Monthly Membership, is there a way to access more than one class a week?
No. If you want access to all of the lessons in a single course at one time, you’ll need to purchase that course On Demand.

With the RFI Monthly Membership, can I change the order of classes I take?
No. The order of lessons is fixed and cannot be customized.

I’m new to RFI and I’m not sure which learning path is right for me.
No problem. Schedule an academic advising session with us, and we’ll be happy to game plan your studies with you! Email advising@rfi-online.com for more information.

Have any other questions about RFI or the admissions process?
Email admissions@rfi-online.com.